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John is a professional cameraman, whose specialty is weddings. Occasionally freelances for television companies. John’s work has appeared on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky

His recent coverage has included a series on Wedding Planners for Sky. He supplied film footage for the series of “The Most Haunted Series” also ”The American Invasion” on The Yesterday, History and Discovery Channel.

After spending many years of his life passionately enjoying photography and videography as a hobby. John decided to pursue both as a career during 1989. After filming many different social events, including Weddings, he soon started to get lots of commissions.

His first real break into Television work was when he filmed a thatched cottage fire in a small Bedfordshire Village. Subsequently, he was commissioned to do many News items for BBC and Anglia Television. Over the years, John’s work has appeared on a series of T.V. programmes. With Sky TV, The Living Channel, a programme called “Wedding Planners”. For Channel 4, The “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings” series. Also for Channel 4, Antix Productions, “Most Haunted” series with Yvette Fielding. The programme is a British paranormal mystery documentary reality television series. For Anglia T.V. “Anglia at War” a series of World War Two Documentories. For BBC 2, a series for Fever Media called “Remembrance Week”, a build up to Remembrance Sunday. For The Discovery Channel, a programme called “Swarms”, featuring Bees, insects and flying robots that swarm together.

John has a large collection of colour world war two films, some were used in the making of the 1990 Michael Caton-Jones production of the “Memphis Belle” a World War Two film drama about a B17 called the Memphis Belle and her crew. His archive footage was also used in Steven Spielberg’s 1998 World War 2 film called “Saving Private Ryan”. Also, John’s archive footage was used to help create a true to life back ground of the distruction of buildings in Germany from the day and night bombing raids from the British RAF and American 8th Airforce. John has also produced a documentary DVD called “THE DOC FURNISS WAR” the film is a day to day account of the life of William E, Furniss, a flight surgeon with the 92nd Bomb Group based at Podington Bedfordshire during World War Two. The film is mostly in colour and plays for 1hr 30minutes. Most recently, John has helped a company called” Definition Media” to produce a 70 minute World War Two documentary called “The American Invasion” which has been recently aired on the Yesterday Channel. The film tells the stories of the young American airmen when they first arrived in England during World War 2, and how they integrated into the British way of life during the war years.

portfolio-ww2Since moving to Dartmouth with his family in 2005, John is still enjoying his love for filming. His hobbies include: Traveling, Fishing, Gardening. He is also President of the 92nd Bomb Group Memorial Association UK which he has been running since 1998.The association’s purposes are:

  • Search out, and register names and addresses of former and present (when applicable) members of the 92nd Bombardment Group(H), 92nd Air Refueling Wing, and the 325th Bomb Squadron (Reactivated) from 1942 to the present, and to erect memorials to flight, ground and support personnel who served or lost their lives in WW11.
  • Preserve friendships and memories as comrades-in-arms through periodic reunions in England and America.
  • In furtherance of our patriotic duty to following generations, collect and preserve historical artifacts.
  • Contribute to the betterment of communities from which they flew, through appropriate donations.
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